Sky Black

Visionary artist and director of the “Sound of Flight” mural. Known throughout Flagstaff for his narrative and metaphysical oil paintings. Black is excited to leave his mark on the town and contribute to Flagstaff’s fine public art collection.




R E Wall

Passion and persistence describe this Arizona artist. His love of art and desire to build and strengthen his community, inspired Wall to found the Prescott Downtown Mural Project in 2005. R led thousands of volunteers to beautify the city of Prescott with five large outdoor murals that reflect the values and efforts of an entire community.




Maggie Dewar

Maggie Dewar began painting with R. Wall in 2005. They formed a formidable team and together conducted the Prescott Downtown Mural Project. Maggie created Mousterpiece Theater, which brought a unique element of street theater to the visual art based project.