Sky Black & Mural Mice Team Up

Flagstaff artist Sky Black and Mural Mice, R.E. Wall and Margaret Dewar, are joining forces to place a mural of enormous proportions on the east-facing exterior wall of the Orpheum Theater. The goal of this talented crew is to raise funds for the second and final phase of the “Sound of Flight” mural. The mural designed by twenty-two year old Flagstaff painting prodigy, Sky Black, is stunning and inspiring. The first half of the piece depicts the climax of a song as a diverse flock of birds rise spectacularly from the glowing recesses of a grand piano. The second half depicts the birds soaring over the Grand Canyon into a brilliant sunset. Together, the two sides make one enormous mural.

It has been a long time dream of Black to paint the historic Orpheum Theater. However on a wall measuring 4,500 square feet, the “Sound of Flight” mural is an ambitious project. That is why veteran muralists R.E. Wall and Margaret Dewar are lending their talents and community leadership experience to the cause. The project began in 2014 and will continue through 2015.

We are now aligned with the Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project. They work collaboratively with partner organizations to educate and motivate the regional public to support the reintroduction of wolves in the wild. We would like to thank them for acting as our fiscal agent throughout the year enabling us to apply for grants. To be sure, the lone wolf, Echo, will make an appearance in the Grand Canyon part of the mural.


Concept Design:

On the edge of Grand Canyon, the Thinker sits in contemplation. The Muse in red poses beside the statue of David, the humble hero. The design invokes the architypes of the ages, striving to depict the infinite potential of human imagination, inspiration and bravery. Birds explode from the glowing recesses of a grand piano letting loose the melody of life. The menagerie of winged creatures soar past the San Francisco Peaks and above the great abyss as the sun sets behind Isis Temple and its surrounding buttes. Without spoiling the story, the mystery is left for the viewer to discover for themselves.


About Sky Black:

Sky Black is an oil painter and muralist. His art explores the unexpected. He employs technical painting skills when constructing subjects and scenery while paying attention to narrative and fine detail. Sky’s inspiration comes from crashing waves, unlikely events, mysteries, clouds, love, animals, the sea, good lighting, good humor, good views, and of course birds and music.His style is unique in the way he juxtaposes romantically and classically influenced themes with contemporary situations and characters. His paintings create a trail for the imagination to wander.

Sky Black
Sky Black





 About the Mural Mice:

MURAL MICE UNIVERSAL: Mural Mice artists, R.E. Wall and Margaret Dewar, have been a painting team since 2005. They specialize in community development projects and have painted a collection of murals across the state of Arizona. Their most recent work is the Route 66 history mural, titled “Mother Myth” on Phoenix Avenue painted in Flagstaff during the summer of 2013. Their greatest joy comes from building and interacting with community through the medium of public art.

R.E. Wall & Margaret Dewar
R.E. Wall & Margaret Dewar






BPAC President Bruce Aiken, Vice Mayor Coral Evans, Flagstaff Mayor Jerry Nabours, and John Tannous "JT" of the Flagstaff Arts Council with Mural Mice.
BPAC President Bruce Aiken, Vice Mayor Coral Evans, Flagstaff Mayor Jerry Nabours, and John Tannous “JT” of the Flagstaff Arts Council with Mural Mice.





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